Material- and production choices

Because special components combine different functions, often they consist of different materials. In most cases the material choice for the individual parts in the component is a compromise between technical requirements and economical considerations.

Questions concerning material that need to be taken into account are for example: Which sort of steel do you choose? Construction steel, chrome  bearing steel or stainless steel? Which type of synthetic do you want to use?  Thermoplastic,  rubber? What type of greasing do you need?

MultiComponents has a lot of practical experience

The production technique is also crucial for the end result. Which one is the right one for your special roller? Lathe, cut, metal press, die cast cold forge, bend or roll?
The next question is do we need to perform final treatments, for example grounding, (powder) coating, zinc-plating, hardening?

MultiComponents has gained a lot of practical experience and has at her disposal a widespread knowledge of the different disciplines. This enables MultiComponents to make the right choices for design, assembly and production for your special components.

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