Frequently asked questions

1. Do you have a catalogue showing all products?

No. All products are special, either for a particular customer or for a specific application. A catalogue creates the impression that it concerns standard articles that can be delivered from stock. That’s not the case.

2. What is the lead-time from design until first delivery?

This partly depends on the precision of the functional requirements at the beginning
of the project. Assuming that a first series will be approved, the average lead-time will be around 2-3 months (with delivery in China).

3. What is the delivery time of a special roller or bearing?

Delivery time of a custom made components is approximately 1 months after approval. This delivery time is highly influenced by the various disciplines and operations which are necessary for a multifunctional bearing.

4. What are the minimal order quantities for a special roller?

This is difficult to say. The minimum order quantity or production batch size is influenced by the production method, the size of the bearing  and the total order quantity.

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