Project management

During the total process - from initiation to evaluation – MultiComponents takes care of the project management.

We make use of template documents so we can easily communicate about the products and the mutual agreements. Here with an overview of what you may expect from  MultiComponents:

Functional design:

Description  of demands and wishes for a specific special roller/bearing.

Technical drawing:

CAD-CAM drawing(s) in 3D-format of the special component.


Document  with price, quantities, delivery time and delivery conditions.

Sample test report:

Report  stating MultiComponents findings of the samples. The report is send to you together with the sample delivery.

Quality Check Report

Report done with every production batch, including all important measurements/tests the particular product should meet.


Mutual  contract that confirms the terms of delivery, minimal annual quantities, delivery times, safety stock, prices and possibly the exclusivity of the component.

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