Working method

MultiComponents  strives to have insight in all your specific needs. That is why we use a phased project management. This will assure that we - together with your effort - will realise a truly tailor-made solution for you. The phases are:

0. Initiation:

After a mutual introduction a decision is made to start the development of a special roller/bearing.

1. Functional specification:

We discuss the wishes and requirements of the component . MultiComponents defines the functional specifications.

2. Product specifications & offer:

Based on feedback from our partners we make you an offer including detailed technical drawing, price, delivery time and delivery conditions.

3. Sample phase:

Samples are produced and delivered to you. You test the samples and give MultiComponents feedback on your test results.

4. Delivery:

As soon as you have approved the samples and all business aspects are agreed, the production is started. We deliver to you on call after production- and transport time.

5. Evaluation:

Periodically we evaluate the solution together with you. It can possibly lead to improvements of your product.

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